The 10 Best Nursing Programs

One thing the schools on this list have in common is their commitment to a quality education. Each university is driven by the desire to provide the best training to nurses available on the market and to do so at reasonable price. They accept some of the best students in the country for their rigorous programs. For low income students, many of these universities also offer scholarship and financial aid programs. These schools are the best of the best, and graduates of these nursing programs will have their choice of job as well as a sky high salary ceiling. Any prospective nursing student would be well served to investigate these nursing program options.

Recommended Nursing Programs

  1. Capella University – MSN – General Nursing
  2. Kaplan University – MS in Nursing
  3. Walden University – Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – RN Track

How The Schools are Ranked

To compile this list, each school’s academic program was carefully considered. The quality of the curriculum, the teaching staff and the size of each class were compared to figure out the best program. Once the nursing programs were looked at, the cost of tuition was factored in. Although there are cheaper nursing program options out there, these universities all offer a great education at the best value.

10. Oregon Health and Science University

Situated in beautiful Portland, the Oregon Health and Science University is one of the leading schools on the west coast for nursing. Combining hands-on practice with in-class lectures, this college is always on the cutting edge of new teaching techniques and modern technology. Attending this university is fairly cost effective and should only set the student back $7,000 to $14,000 each year.

9. University of Pennsylvania

As one of the best nursing schools in the country, the University of Pennsylvania regularly out ranks comparable schools because of its exceptional value. This university offers new students program options in nursing administration, gerontology, psychology, mental health, pediatric and family health. Students can choose to become certified as a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist.

This unique school has some of the best researchers in the world. Professors at the University of Pennsylvania regularly rank higher than other researchers at federally funded schools. With all of the modern technology and education styles, the University of Pennsylvania offers a surprisingly fair price. Tuition and fees at this university total $43, 738 for the 2012-2013 school year.

The University of Pennsylvania has set up a state-of-the-art simulation lab that is outfitted with responsive mannequins in an effort to provide the most realistic experience possible. This school also has partnerships with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. When students are working on their practicum or starting an internship, they may attend one of the partner hospitals and gain the experience they need.

8. University of Washington

Located in beautiful Seattle, Washington, the University of Washington has a long tradition of excellence in the field of medicine. As a public university, this college also carries a reasonable price for new students. Admitted students can plan on studying in one of the clinical nurse specialist or nursing practitioner programs.

The University of Washington has managed to be one of the top-rated schools of nursing for more than 27 years. Since the U.S. News and World Report started listing colleges, the University of Washington has always ranked as one of the top programs. It deserves these accolades because of the exceptional research, high employment rate, incredible curriculum and talented faculty members. For Washington state residents, the tuition cost is about $10,740. Out-of-state students can expect to pay $27,561. For in-state residents, this program is one of the most affordable nursing schools in the United States.

7. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Like the other programs, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers programs for nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists. Students also have the option to enroll in the nursing service administration program as well. This university boasts of a unique blend of research, education and hands-on practice.

Anyone who plans on attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can expect to pay $18,165 if they are an in-state student. Out-of-state residents will be required to pay $51, 634 for their tuition and fees.

6. University of California at San Francisco

The University of California at San Francisco boasts of programs in pediatric, community, psychiatric, geriatric, medical and family health. This university is known for its storied history and proven track record of leadership in global health care. The much-famed campus in San Francisco has developed a multi-cultural student base and rigorous coursework. While at the University of California, students can work closely with their mentor while learn about health policies, patient care and conduct research. For first-time students, one year of tuition will cost about $50,000.

5. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Ranked sixth by the U.S. News & World Report, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor offers a surprisingly affordable tuition price. Depending on the student’s residency status, tuition at this university costs anywhere from $21,675 to $62,514. With such an exceptional academic program, the University of Michigan is worth every penny. This college is designated as a World Health Organization Collaborating Center. With the formation of this partnership, the University of Michigan has developed a reputation around the world for innovative curricula and exceptional faculty members.

4. University of Pittsburgh

Started in 1939, the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing has consistently ranked as one of the best nursing schools in the country. It currently ranks fifth in the National Institutes of Health research dollars and is ranked seventh place according to the U.S. News & World Reports. At this university, 95 percent of the people who take their BSN licensure pass and over 60 percent of incoming students were in the top tenth of their high school class. In-state students can expect to pay $19,000 in tuition in fees while out-of-state students will have to pay $32,000.

3. Duke University

This university is ranked seventh by the U.S. News & World Report. Among other things, Duke University is known for its Institute for Educational Excellence and Center for Nursing Discovery. With these programs at their disposal, students at Duke University are regularly challenged to think critically and create new solutions to old problems. Attending this university costs anywhere $18,000 to $32,000 depending on which nursing degree the student selects.

2. Johns Hopkins University

At Johns Hopkins University education comes first. This university works in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Hospital to make an interactive experience for each of its nursing students. As one of the leaders in the field of nursing, Johns Hopkins University was ranked as the best nursing school in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report.

With such a strong reputation in the field of nursing, Johns Hopkins carries a higher cost than some of the schools on the list. At Johns Hopkins University, students can expect to shell out about $66, 193 for the 2012-2013 school year. This price represents just the cost of tuition. If students want to live on campus, they will still have to pay for their own room and board as well as miscellaneous expenses. The university also expects that tuition costs will rise roughly 3 percent each year.

1. Yale University

Although known primarily for its law school, Yale University actually has an exceptional nursing program. The nursing school at Yale began in 1923. Yale was unique among universities because it strove to prepare nurses in an educational manner instead of in an apprenticeship.

From world-leading research by Virginia Henderson to innovative clinical trials, Yale University is always one step ahead of the crowd. With such a strong focus on excellence, it is unsurprising that the pediatric nurse practitioner program is the second best in the United States. For students who want to attend Yale University, tuition and fees regularly cost more than $32,000 each year.