Nursing Programs in Texas

Just about any university and college will offer nursing programs in Texas. These programs range from a two-year program leading to a licensed, vocational nurse to the nurse practitioner’s degree. A practitioner’s degree is a master’s level program, and graduates can write basic prescriptions under the direct supervision of a physician. All nursing programs in Texas provide the necessary education to pass the state license program.

Nursing schools in Texas teach the necessary skills for nurses including pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, and patient care. Students enrolled in nursing schools in Texas will be exposed to clinical nursing situations of all types and patients of all types as well. A local university or college will have ties to a hospital or patient care facility for clinical experience. Of course, not all schools will offer advanced nursing programs so students may elect to pursue online nursing degrees. Online nursing degrees give currently practicing nurses additional education for job advancement and a hefty pay increase.

Most nurses and nursing students eventually will desire to make more or better money. This will mean advancement not through work but through education. Online nursing degrees are one excellent way for nurses in rural areas of Texas to advance in the field. With asynchronous learning and universal availability, online programs are excellent choices for nurses in these remote areas. Nurses fortunate enough to work for a hospital affiliated with a university medical school may qualify for free or reduced tuition through the nursing programs in the school. No matter how a student becomes a nurse or chooses to continue nursing education, there are nursing programs in Texas for those who have a serious interest.

Interested parties should strongly consider schools with a medical sciences program for nursing school. University of Texas Houston is one program. The University of Texas Medical Branch also offers nursing degrees for interested parties. Virtually all universities offer a face to face nursing program, but online courses are also available although not necessarily through Texas-specific schools.

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