MSN – Nurse Administrator

The MSN in Nurse Administration prepares students to assume leadership roles so they can make key decisions in the field. Moreover, the program prepares registered nurses to maximize the use of nursing resources currently available. A combination of knowledge in business management, administration and nursing make up the MSN in Nursing Administration degree program.

Ensuring that the nursing unit at clinics or hospitals is sufficient with the type of care they are providing is what a nursing administrator does. MSN in Nursing Administration graduates work with doctors as well as advanced medical specialists to ensure patients get the right care and treatment for their needs at all times. Moreover, nurse administrators help keep a hospital or clinic running as smoothly as possible and keeping complications to a minimum.

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How to Obtain a MSN in Nursing Administration

Applicants to this program must be registered nurses in order to qualify. This means applicants with an associate degree or nursing diploma from an accredited institution are eligible to apply to the program. For the Nurse Administrator program of study, a further bachelor degree in nursing from an accredited university is required. A few years of relevant work experience is also required by some universities.

Further, the MSN degree has to be conferred within 7 years of completing the first graduate course the student took toward the degree. Master’s Program in Nursing credits transferred from another accredited university can be used toward graduate credits (up to 1/3). A “C+” letter grade or higher must be maintained for all courses in the program by graduate nursing students.

Types of Coursework

The MSN in Nursing Administration program includes various courses including resource financial management, health care law and policy, medical personnel management, health care administration, and managed care operations. The core subjects of study include informatics and nursing technology, nursing care delivery systems, resources for the delivery of nursing care, and theoretical and conceptual nursing practice. Other areas such as nursing management, health care policy, and health systems analysis are also included.

Nurse Administrator Jobs

Graduates of the MSN program can be employed where nursing staff is needed like in hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care organizations. Some possible types of jobs include Nursing Supervisor, Chief Nursing Officer, Hospital Administrator, Clinical Nurse Manager, Patient Care Manager, and many more. Other graduates have had titles such as Chief Clinical Officer, Director of Nursing, and Director of Nursing Education as well. There is a huge demand for qualified managers in the nursing areas of hospitals and clinics. This makes job prospects for MSN graduates very good.

Choosing MSN – Nurse Administrator Online Programs

Registered nurses looking to apply to an MSN in Nursing Administration degree programs increasingly have been choosing online colleges to pursue their education. The fact that online programs are much more affordable and offer much more flexibility than do traditional colleges are what drive many applicants to apply to those colleges.

Online programs staff the same level of teachers as do traditional colleges. That means that individuals with vast experience in the field of nursing and in nursing education work at online colleges. Further, applicants can choose to study when it is convenient for them. Courses can be taken in the morning, afternoon, or evening and learning can be at one’s own pace.