The 30 Best Nursing Blogs

Nursing blogs cultivate community within the nursing field. Below are 30 of the most intimate and honest blogs online. Our results are based on which blogs have more of an interesting mix of posts, high levels of self-revelation, memorable entertainment value, practical usefulness, and overall visual appeal. Ultimately, of course, these rankings are arbitrary and all of these blogs are addictive and well worth reading.

30.Call Bells Make Me Nervous

An anonymous ER nurse, seeking to protect her privacy, tells all on the “Call Bells Make Me Nervous” blog. Her posting style resembles what it’s like to overhear nurses talking to each other in a bathroom on break. Listen in as she shares about loathing herself for picking up an extra shift in the Call me Nurse Muskels post.

29.At Your Cervix

Glimpse into the life of a nameless labor and delivery nurse focused on becoming a nurse-midwife. You’ll learn about what it’s like to be a real nurse, or RN, as the anonymous blogger says, as she complete a journey. Her blog entries contain intimate revelations about her chosen career and entertaining, heartfelt, self reflections. The post you should start with is Self-reflection: life, family, midwifery — changes.

28.Head Nurse

Reading the Head Nurse blog gives you a good idea of what it’s like to be inside the mind of a real head nurse, Johanne Bertha, also known as Auntie Jo, who has made hundreds of entertaining posts for your enjoyment. Her frank talk with new nurses and comments on diseases are thought-provoking. Do yourself a favor and read Tips For Everybody first.

27.Impacted Nurse

The Impacted Nurse blog makes our top 30 list because it contains a lot of information, albiet all somewhat impersonally and decisively professional. Despite signs that the blogger rarely lets their hair down, the value of the blog cannot be denied. It’s a useful blog to read if you’re looking to become a better nurse and gain insider insight on the field. For starters, check out the post, New graduate nurses, do we need them….or not?

26. The Nerdy Nurse

Brittney Wilson, a registered nurse and certified nerd, runs this blog, which isn’t full of typical nursing-related posts. You’ll find a wide range of information within countless thoughtful posts on healthcare and technology, as well as nursing. Genuine human interest type posts where Britney capitalizes on her experience on a nurse also appear on the blog. Start with a post titled, How to Show Support to a Sick Loved One to see how she uses her experience to provide general advice on patient care to the public.

25.Infusion Nurse Blog

The Infusion Nurse Blog contains personal reflections along with ideas on nursing, vascular access and infusion therapies. In-depth technical insights make this blog a useful resource for well-established and new nurses to gain a deeper understanding of infusion-related procedures. For example, a start with a post titled, DC a CVAD and pick up insider tips on central venous access devices.


Diana, a 29 year-old with a BSN in nursing works in a busy celemetry unit. Her blog is filled with intimate glimpses into her life as a nurse. An eclectic mix of personal revelations and comments on nursing won her a place in this list, even though she’s a fairly new nurse. Be sure to read her intimate thoughts on “negativity” in the I must be a preceptor from hell blog post.

This blog’s about to get interesting. Sarah Beth is an RN. She’s currently disabled but can’t get the disability payments she needs, even though she’s a nurse. Start following her journey as a nurse in pursuit of an accurate diagnosis and disability by reading her Disability post. She’ll surely appreciate your support.


Expect to upfront, engaging stories about not getting enough hours, parents that ask too many questions and more. The blog isn’t as active as it once was, maybe all of its nurse bloggers are too busy working, but they really have a good thing going at Mediablogopathy. Let’s hope we see more posts there soon.
Start reading the blog post about Mistakes and you’ll see why.

21.The Nurse Mommy

The Nurse Mommy blog takes you on a trip into the lives of nurses who are also moms. Multiple nurses write for the blog, so it’s full of a lot of creative parenting ideas, along with product reviews and contests to help reduce your stress. Check out the Win The Humerus Funny Bone post and join in the fun.

20.It Shouldn’t Happen in Healthcare

Max, a pediatric nurse turned nurse practitioner, features an Alternative Medical Dictionary along with an archive of spooky healthcare stories in his blog. Follow this blog if you enjoy a nurses with great senses of humor. Read Max’s post titled, More Excuses To Eat Chocolate when you need a good laugh.

19.Adventures of GuitarGirl RN

Nurses with a passion for music and humor will appreciate the Adventures of a GuitarGirl RN blog. This ER nurse shares concise thoughts on topics related to her professional work, bass playing, patients and contemporary culture. Read her It’s a good day in the ER post and memorize the recipe she shares to help patients with smelly feet.

18.Tales of a School Zoned Nurse

Fighting the good fight against lice and patching up playground battle wounds, are a few of the topics that inspire a school nurse to share her stories. You’ll find intimate and heartbreaking revelations in this blog, too. For example, read a post titled, I am supposed to leave these kids for 8 weeks, to get a feel for the emotional experience this honest and caring school nurse.

17.JParadisi RN’s Blog

This blog is maintained by an oncology nurse and cancer survivor. If you’re a nurse who likes art, you can’t miss visiting the JParadisi RN’s Blog. Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of artwork, nursing stories and insightful commentaries on current nursing issues. Start with her blog post titled, A Get Well Card for Warren Buffet, which demonstrates her support in Warren Buffet’s fight against prostate cancer.

16.New Nurse in The Hood

This blog earned its ranking of number 12 because of its original presentation and genuine posts. If you’re into hood rats and inner city nurses, have no doubt this the blog for you. Tucked within pictures of needles, and posts with curse words, are the personal experiences of a “former” nursing assistant who has no problem speaking her mind. Check out Reason Number 501 to see why this blog is so addictive.

15.Heart Matters

The Heart Matters blog is a space where an intensive care nurse takes the time to vent and share her tricks of the trade. She doesn’t always use proper punctuation but her posts are genuine. This nurse has stopped posting, perhaps you can send her a note and let her know you’d like to see more. Start with this blogger’s post on the frustrations that emerge when a patient codes. You can find it here: Sunshine, butterflies, and rainbows… really?

14.Sam the RN

Sam shares fictional stories that inform and inspire on his blog. He even talks about cars on occasion. This family guy and working nurse knows how to tell a story. Learn about how he realized he’d make a great nurse by reading the post titled, Life does not come with a map.

13.Registered Nurse RN

The Registered Nurse RN blog is well organized and useful to new and experienced nurses. It’s maintained by an active RN along with other healthcare staff. You’ll in-depth analysis of job outlooks and salaries, along with information on popular tests such as the ATI. Brief yourself on what you need to know about tests by starting with the blog post titled, ATI Testing | TEAS Study Guide | ATI Nursing Exam.

12.Nurse Bound

Nurse Bound is an essential blog for entry-level working nurses interested in gathering information on a career direction, how to get certifications or training and salary information. The blog contains information on becoming a CNA an an RN, so if you have yet to decide which route you’re taking into the nursing field, start reading this blog. Check out the How to Become a Nurse post.

11.The New Nurse Blog

An intensive care unit RN by the name of Andria hosts a blog to help new nurses vent about life after nursing school. Andria sheds light on why graduate nurses feel as if they’re on a roller coaster ride while she shares practical nursing-related tips to make the transition easier. Start with Death in the ICU. It’s an honest, moving and powerful piece.

10.About a Nurse

The About a Nurse blog is a good one to skim if you’re in a hurry but want to hear another nurse’s voice. While it isn’t clear who this nurse is, he or she definitely has a strong opinion on nursing. In fact, the blogger’s passion often saturates the page in a post titled, Critical Care Nursing, Thank You for Nothing.

9.Crass-Pollination: An ER Blog

With jaw-dropping precision, a Montana nurse named Nurse K tells hard-hitting stories about life in the ER unit. The heavy use of dialog makes her posts come alive. Hear stories involving patients and doctors that shock and inspire. Start by reading a blog entry titled, Phone Call. It’s a popular post on Facebook.

8.Correctional Nurse

Read fascinating posts on topics such as correctional nurse super heroes, inmate dementia and how to work with inmate patients. Correctional nurse trainer Lorry Schoenly shares compassionate, insightful advice with nurses that work within the nation’s prisons and jails. Start with the post, Hurricane Sandy and Correctional Nurse Heroes to learn about hardcore crisis nursing.

7.Makings of a Nurse

The Makings of a Nurse blog is written by Kristine, a west coast Community Health Nurse who shares about her journey into the career along with insights she gained along the way. Read her blog to get your footing as you go and follow confidently in her footsteps. Her early post titled, Getting into nursing school is a crapshoot, consoles newbies dreaming of being accepted to a nursing program, because she made it.

6.A Writer in a Nurse’s Body

A writer in a nurse’s body is a poignant, heart-stirring blog. Its landing page image sets the tone for the blog’s content. There are posts on all aspects of this blogger’s life, including nursing. Enthusiasm for nursing and openness about her feelings makes this blog memorable. If you’re looking for inspiration, read about her latest professional accomplishment in this post: EKGing it up!

5.Nurse XY

Christian shares intimate stories from his personal experiences as an ICU nurse at the Nurse XY blog. His revelations on patient and staff encounters are engaging, to say the least. A mile-long disclaimer on the blog’s homepage makes the upfront and candid talk possible. Check out the conversation going in his RCA post first, and then share your insights, too.

4.Pixel RN

The Pixel RN blog is well-organized. It’s easy to locate information on everything you ever wanted to know about being a nurse. Sections for nursing advice, opinions, and stories make it easy to pick and choose the type of information you want to read. Start with the post, Why I’ll Probably Quit Nursing, if you’re looking for an honest take on why nursing is such a difficult career.


Gina, a San Francisco Bay nurse with 33 years of nursing experience, shares her insights on the field in a style that’s engaging and genuine. The site’s design creates a comfortable atmosphere for reading her intimate posts on engaging topics. Check out Gina’s Hush, Hush…Keep It Down Now, Voices Carry to read her compelling reflections on the importance of speaking out, despite ongoing pressure to keep your mouth shut.

2.Code Blog

Code Blog ranks continuously high as a nursing blog. Owned by Gina, a 15 year nursing veteran with varied experience, the Code Blog is not only nice-looking, it’s also full of healthcare system experiences. Patients, nurses, nurse’s aides, unit clerks, volunteers, doctors, and paramedics all have stories to tell and Code Blog captures a lot of them. Start with the hard-hitting post, How do you suppose being coded feels? to get a sense of this blog’s depth, detail and brutal honesty.

1.Nurse Ratched’s Place

The Nurse Ratched Place blog, written by a poster by the name of Mother Jones, RN, started on Blogger, but eventually grew into it’s own domain. This blog features must-know insider information on the nursing field, including insight on problems within the profession. Start with the Censorship: Don’t Talk About Amanda Trujillo post to see why this blog plays a critical role in the vibrant nursing community online.